Our Motto is simple: we aim to be the best in what we do, and offer a service, second-to-none, to our customers around the world. Family management, a strong Independence and a united team characterize our organisation. Teamwork gives our people the ability to achieve extraordinary results.

Logistics support
With our logistic support, we have emerged as the indubitable winner of the industry.
 With strong network of vendors and sales team, we execute difficult sourcing with efficiency. We have large warehouse to store the sourced products. Constant attention is paid to expediting your shipments to ensure that the products are delivered within the stipulated time
History :

Ace is an established company within the textile and apparel industries and is familiar with all the aspects of the fashion apparel industry

We have been there for quite a number of years at the cutting edge of fashion in knits and wovens, which gives us the confidence and keeps us growing in this competitive world.

We are successfully carved a niche for itself in the fashion apparel export market. We are a manufacturing house that matches the world's latest creations and quality standards.

We are well equipped and have a complete vertical infrastructure plus integration of various facilities such as spinning, knitting, weaving, yarn & fabric dyeing, printing, stitching and finishing... are the significant and distinct advantage that we provide to our valuable customers.

People :

In the end all the business operations can be reduced to three words

  • People
  • Product and
  • Profit

unless you've got a good team,you cant do much with other two.



It is the design,which sets international trends.
And it is measured by the Quality of the products
We Produce ready to wear clothing from designs.
with modern machinery,trained skilled employees and convincing logistics.